Responsibilities as a parent

Responsibilities as a parent.

Do you have a child who goes to preschool? Did you know that this is the most crucial time of a child’s growth? Any mistake during this duration will affect the brain and personality of your child. Here are some simple tips that will help for a better growth of a child’s brain.

1. Potty train your child

Imagine you have garbage at home. If you do not dispose the garbage on time, the house will start smelling. People living in the house will not be able to focus on work because of the smell. Flies and mosquitoes will start coming into the house. Who would like to live in that kind of house? Human body is one such house. Quite like we need to clean our house daily, we need to clean our body too, not just externally but internally too. If waste is not excreted on time, brain functioning and growth both get effected. The brain of a toddler is still growing and you definitely do not want any hurdles during the growing years. Make sure that your child clears the bowels before starting school. A healthy mind will help the child focus on the class.

2. Bathing a child

Make sure that you wake up your child well on time and bathe soon after potty and brush. Bathing sends electrical impulses to the entire body and alerts the brain. Most important effect is getting rid of sleepiness. A sleepy child can never learn well. Preschools are generally for duration of 2-3 hours. Your child should be alert during this duration to grasp the maximum.

3. Proper sleep

Children need 10-12 hours of sleep. If your child doesn’t sleep well, there is a fair chance that the child will not be able to focus in class. Make sure that your child sleeps by 9 PM at night. Wake up the child at least 2 hours before school. You need to give enough time to the child to finish the daily ablutions like brush, potty and bath. You also need enough time to feed breakfast to your child. Rushing your child into these activities will definitely make your child cranky. A bad mood is certainly not good for learning. A good sleep will have given enough rest to the body and ensures that brain is awake and alert during school hours.

4. Proper breakfast

An empty stomach is the last thing that you may want for your child. A child’s brain cannot focus unless it is well fed. If the brain gets enough blood supply then only it can function properly. Make sure that you give sufficient and healthy breakfast before sending the child to school. Breakfast should be finished at least 30 minutes prior to starting the class. The food taken by the body needs enough time to extract the relevant juices and give energy to all the body parts including the brain. Once the brain has sufficient energy, it functions well during school hours.

5. Puzzle and sports

Every parent should make sure that a puzzle solving activity and a sports activity are part of the child’s daily routine. Solving a puzzle of any kind will build focus and concentration abilities. A sports activity keeps the body fit and eventually keeps the brain fit.

Remember!! Habits have to be built at a very early age. Whatever you teach your child today will go a long way. Whatever habits build at young age, go on till old age.

Old habits die hard. But why let them die if the habits are good.

Written by: Bhawna Shah

CEO and MD:


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